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Fully automatic vertical lamination machine(Chain knife slitting)


QLFM-1100B fully automatic vertical lamination machine is designed for waterbased glue and thermal lamination multi-functions. Features high automation, high laminating speed, high accuracy, electrical appliance is centralized by programmable system, touch screen easy to operate. 

Configuration & Functions:

1.Automatic High Speed Feeder: Adopt high speed pneumatic offset feeder, speed up to 100m/min. Pre-stacking system can realize non-stop feeding, obviously improving work efficiency.

2。High Accuracy Lap Control: Servo-controlled lap within ±2mm, synchronizes with feeder, high accuracy front lay and pnuematic side lay regulator ensure accurate and stable position.

3.Automatic Shutdown Protection System:Equipped with photoelectrically controlled automatic shutdown protection devices, in case of paper shortage, paper broken and paper overlap.

4。Drying And Heating System:The 800mm diameter large heating roller equipped with Electromagnetic Heating Device, at the same time supported with Hot Air Cycle System, can realize high speed booting and heating in 5~10 minutes, 2 times than traditional oil heating device meanwhile save much power consumption.

5。Automatic Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system automatically provides stable and large pressure to ensure high quality of lamination。  

6.Man-machine Interface System:Equipped with 10 inch color touch screen, easy and convenient to operate。 The operator can view the machine's working status at any time from the touch screen。

7。Air Shaft and Tension Control System:Adopt air shaft, easy to load film, accurate film position by the graduation of the air shaft。 At the same time the intelligent tention system easy to control the tention of film, increase laminating performance。

8.High Accurate Slitting System:Equipped with chain knife and disc knife, suitable for PET/PVC/thin foil and most of films, controlled by servo with high cutting speed, can cut the film perfectly.

9。Anti-Curvature System: Adopt corrugrated delivery and anti-curvature system, especially designed for thin paper, avoid paper curve.

10。Automatic Stacker:Equipped with IR sensor, automatically count the sheets. Three-direction high speed pneumatic stacker can collect the sheets automatically and flat without stopping.




Max.Paper Size


Min。Paper Size


Paper Thickness


Film Thickness

8~25 micron

Max. Speed



380V 50Hz

Total Power


Working Power


Lap Accuracy


Lamination Pressure


Coating Glue Amount


Hight of Feeder Pile


Hight of Stacker Pile


Dimension (L*W*H)


Total Weight

9500 kg

Actual Photo

1.Feeder Part

Adopt high speed offset feeder and chain drive non-stop pre-stacking system, can feed sheets up to 100 m/min, smoothly without stop, obviously increase the efficience。

2.Delivery Platform

Equipped with high accuracy front lay and pneumatic side lay regulator, accurate position, can deliver sheets in high speed without curvature。

3.How Powder Cleaning(Optional)

Hot powder cleaning machine, especially for dark paper, improve the laminating performance.

4。Laminatin Main Part

Adopt 800mm diameter big mirror heating roller, equipped with electromagnetic heating system, high heating speed and performance, at the same time the heat cycle system and hot air cycle system can save much energy.

400mm diameter mirror laminating roller, also equipped with electromagnetic heating system, cooperate with 300mm big rubber roller to insure laminating performance.

Electrical appliance is centralized by programmable system, with double eletromagnetic heating system drive.

5。Glue Coating Part

Adopt high accuracy glue coating regulator, can control a erasing knife to adjust coating thickness easily and accurately, save much glue consumption。 Mirror coating roller ensure the glue is even。

Air shaft with dividing ruler, can adjust the position of film roll accurately, easy to load film. The tension of film is adjusted accurately by the tension controller.

Equipped with 10 inch color touch screen, easy and convenient to operate. The operator can view the machine's working status at any time from the touch screen.

6.Slitting Part

High speed chain knife slitting, designed for PET and thin foil, can slit most material of film perfectly. Easy to adjust by inputting data to the setting panel.

Disc knife assist slitting, coordinate with pneumatic pull and separating system, can slit BOPP and OPP film without chain knife。

7.Stacking Part

Automatic stacker, stack sheets in 3 directions fast, makes sheets pile aligned, convenient to transport and ready for next process.

Main Parts

Servo system

Special servo for chain knife

Ultrasonic double detector

Original German import

Touch screen

Chinese Taiwan Weinview


Japan Omron


China Kewo


German Renod

AC contactor

France Schneider

Intermediate relay

France Schneider

Push button switch

China Yijia

Small broken fuser

China Chint

Programming Controller

Chinese Taiwan Delta

Servo Drive

Chinese Taiwan Delta

Servo motor 1。1KW

Chinese Taiwan Delta


China Dongfang

High speed Feeder head

China Ruida

Specification mentioned here is subject to change without notice。


1.What's your Lead Time

Regularly within 30 days after payment of deposit.


Adopts moisture-proof and shock-proof packaging which is suitable for long-distance road transportation and various types of weather conditions。

3。How about After-Sales Service?

We provide 1 year warranty period. During the period, we supply the spare parts in free for replacement

in case of any quality problem。 And you will enjoy life time technical support by our professional after-

sales team。

4。Do you have engineer available for installation, training and test to my factory?

Don’t worry, of course we have. All the machines have been adjusted and tested well in our workshop. But If you require, our engineer will come to your factory for technical support. You just pay for the VISA, round air tickets, salary 80 USD/day, provide food and accommodation upon final confirmation.

5.Any certifications?

Yes all the machines have passed ISO9001 and CE certification。 And we have several patents about chain knife, heating roller and powder cleaning。

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